12-13-2013 Skyline Spartans 55 @ Issaquah Eagles (JV) 58 Recap

The JV team took a big early lead in the first quarter with aggressive defense and moves to the hoop.  Halftime score was 32-25.  Skyline's sharp shooters narrowed the gap and took a slight lead in the 2nd half with some timely 3 point shots.  The Eagles responded with some great defense by Dane Mui and key free throws by Dalton Gardner and Griffin Klett to win the game.  A great team win.

12-13-2013 Skyline Spartans 49 @ Issaquah Eagles 58 Recap

Pre Game Info

We need to pack the stands on the IHS side against our big rival - see you there!

Game Recap

Ty Gibson and Brian Watson each had 15 points to lead a fantastic team effort against rival Skyline High School.  Issaquah had a big 2nd quarter where we outscored Skyline 20-10.


12-13-2013 Issaquah Eagles (C) 53 vs Skyline Spartans 63 Recap

The Freshman team looked strong and played well throughout but lost 63 to 53 to Skyline. Another strong performance from center Brent Wilson who scored a game high 21 points. Point Guard Max Eastern also had a nice game with great leadership on the court while contributing 11 points to the effort.

12-16-2013 Issaquah Eagles (C) 29 vs Mercer Island Islanders 50 Recap

Pre Game Info

C team plays Mercer Island White squad

Game Recap

Mercer Island beat Issaquah 50 to 29 despite Robbie Vranizan’s sharpshooting from the 3 point arc. Vranizan hit three 3 pointers in a 2 minute span in the loss.

12-18-2013 Issaquah Eagles (JV) 62 vs Mercer Island Islanders 54 Recap

The JV team got out to another big lead in the first quarter and found themselves at 34-20 at the half. Mercer Island's aggressive rebounding in the 2nd half helped them pull within 4 points to keep the score close for the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th quarters, but the Eagles made some adjustments and took control of the game in the final minutes.  High scorers were Griffin Klett (18), Jack Dellinger (12) while both Chase Hawkins and Dalton Gardner had 10 each.  

12-20-2013 Ballard Beavers 45 @ Issaquah Eagles 50 Recap

Pre Game Info

Another Quad Game night!

Game Recap

Issaquah was down 22-26 at the half but made up the deficit in the second half, led by Cory Nevin with 18 points.  Scott Kellum came off the bench in the 4th quarter and hit two big 3s when the Eagles needed to score.  

12-21-2013 Issaquah Eagles (JV) 58 vs Bellevue Wolverines 54 Recap

Great win by our JV team in a physical battle with Bellevue.  Dalton Gardner had 15 points to lead the team effort.  Bellevue took the lead in the 4th quarter, but the Eagles fought back, reclaimed the lead and held Bellevue scoreless in the last 3 minutes of the game.  Exciting!

12-21-2013 Issaquah Eagles (C) 35 vs Bellevue Wolverines 66 Recap

Bellevue's rebounding and sharp shooting proved to be too much for the Issaquah C team in this non-conference match up.  Jackson Suh led Issaquah's scoring with 16 points.

12-26-2013 Issaquah Eagles 51 vs Westchester 56 Recap

Pre Game Info

Rancho Mirage High School -- MaxPreps Holiday Classic Tournament

Game Recap

Issaquah came from behind to tie the game at 35-35 for the start of the 4th.  Westchester was the Max Preps tournament winners last year, so strong competition for sure.  Ty Gibson dropped 23 to lead the Eagles scoring.

12-27-2013 Issaquah Eagles 51 vs Sunny Slope HS 62 Information

2nd game of the Max Preps Holiday Classic Tournament

1-3-2014 Issaquah Eagles (JV) 71 vs Mount Si Wildcats 67 Recap

Chase Hawkins led scoring effort for the Eagles with 17 points and 9 rebounds followed by Griffin Klett with 16. Freshman Tanner Davis had a great grame with 13 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks.  

1-3-2014 Issaquah Eagles (C) 53 vs Mount Si Wildcats 45 Recap

Great game for the C team with Brent Wilson leading the scorers with 16 followed by Jackson Suh with 10 points.

1-6-2014 Issaquah Eagles (C) 58 vs Bothell Cougars 47 Recap

Nice win over a talented Bothell team 58 to 47. Solid team effort with Max Eastern leading all scorers with 19 points.  

1-7-2014 Bothell Cougars 76 @ Issaquah Eagles (JV) 70 Recap

Issaquah trailed 26-14 at the half, but fought back in the 2nd quarter in order to send the game into overtime with a score of 57-57 after 4 quarters.  The scored was STILL tied at 65-65 after the first 4 minute overtime, forcing a 2nd overtime session.  Great defense by our guys led to several pivotal possessions for the Eagles.  Issaquah took the lead in the double overtime, only to see that diminish with a costly turnover which the opposing team capitalized on with a 3 point shot.  Issaquah lost in double overtime 76-70.

1-7-2014 Bothell Cougars 56 @ Issaquah Eagles 65 Recap

Great team effort by Issaquah, who did not let big Josh Martin's presence under the hoop deter them.  Sharp shooting and backcourt pressure helped the Eagles take a sizeable lead in the first quarter, only to see the score tied at the half, 29-29.  Issaquah worked well together in the 2nd half, pulled down more rebounds and found ways to get the ball inside successfully. Gibson led our scorers with 19, followed by Turner with 19 and Nevin with 10.  Henke led rebounders with 10 followed by Gibson and Nevin with 7 each.  Watson led the team in assists (6).

1-10-2014 Roosevelt Roughriders 57 @ Issaquah Eagles (C) 46 Recap

A tough loss to Roosevelt 57 to 46 despite a gritty performance by Freshman Jack Hinchcliffe with 10 points in the 4th quarter.

1-10-2014 Issaquah Eagles 51 vs Roosevelt Roughriders 39 Recap

Pre Game Info

Quad game night!

Game Recap

The Eagles took a sizeable lead in the first quarter (16-8), the Roughriders responded and narrowed that lead to 4 points at the end of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. The Eagles took command in the 4th quarter to get the Win. Leading scorers were Gibson and Ary-Turner with 15 each and Nevin with 10. Watson had 7 assists. Nevin had 11 rebounds with Gibson, Watson and Henke each pulling down 5 rebounds as well. 

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